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The Ultimate Ideas For Classroom Decor To Create The Classroom of Your Dreams

the best ideas for classroom decor

It can be equal parts fun and frustrating looking for ideas for classroom decor. There are sooo many fun products out there, but it can be easy to go down the classroom decoration rabbit hole and get totally overwhelmed! Finding ideas for classroom decorations doesn’t have to be like that – that’s why I’ve put together the ultimate list of classroom decor items so you don’t have to go crazy looking for them.

Read on for the very best ideas for classroom decor for your primary classroom!

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Classroom Decor Ideas

There are lots of choices when it comes to your classroom decor ideas. Amazon, Target, and Lakeshore are three top spots for many teachers. And of course, Teachers Pay Teachers is full of decor sets that you can buy from other teachers.

This list is going to be a mix of those different stores. We’re going to break it down by category to make it easier for you to sift through these classroom decor ideas and find what you really need.

Let’s take a look at our classroom decor categories:

  • The Necessities
  • The Fun Extras
  • The Classroom Whiteboard
  • Themes and Bundles

Feel free to scroll to the classroom decoration category that you most need right now.

Classroom Decor Necessities

These are the items that play a functional role in your classroom. You’ll need these to get organized for teaching. But luckily, they come in super cute options so that they can also add to the look and feel of your classroom!

Rolling Cart

this rolling a cart is a great classroom decoration ideas

This 3-tier rolling cart is a classroom staple. I have two in my classroom, and they are so useful for storing things you need to keep handy. I keep one stocked with all my small group materials, so that they’re always within reach. The other I have stocked with teacher materials I use regularly – sharpies, colored pencils, stapler, etc.

Michael’s has these for a great price, and over 15 color choices!

10-Drawer Cart

a ten drawer cart is the perfect classroom decor idea

The rolling 10-drawer cart has so many potential uses. I like to label drawers Monday-Friday and store all my Xeroxes for the upcoming week so I can easily grab them by day. It’s also perfect for stashing extra copies of work, done early worksheets, or just for fun coloring pages.

Desk Organizer

This rotating desk organizer is great to keep all your pencils, scissors, and things you need on your desk handy and in reach. I love the colors it comes in!

Pencil Caddy

this pencil caddy I one of the most useful ideas for classroom decor

One of the best things about this pencil caddy is that it nests perfectly in the 3-tier rolling cart! I used this for small group supplies, and I loved that I could just grab it out of the cart and put in on the table for students to access.

Bins and Baskets

You can never have enough bins and baskets as a teacher. Choosing the best bins and baskets for your classroom can be tricky, but I love having a color scheme with mine! These baskets would be perfect for storing center works, art supplies, or classroom notebooks.

Classroom Decor Extras

These are the items that your classroom can live without, but we teachers may not be able to! These cute extras provide that extra decoration to take your classroom to the next level. We’re there every single day, so these classroom decoration ideas will help it feel like a home.


rainbow garlands are great ideas for classroom decorations

Garlands go such a long way in adding a fun feeling to a classroom. These rainbow garlands were such a great addition to my bulletin boards this year!


These tassels are such fun decor to use around your classroom! I used these to add some flair to the front of my teacher desk, but they would also be cute on a bulletin board or whiteboard. Target has lots of fun ones!

Wall Signs

an inspiration classroom decor wall sign

Inspirational wall signs are a fun way to decorate as well as send a message of inclusivity to your students. Target has lots of cute options, like this “Come As You Are” poster.

Hanging Stars

I used these hanging stars all over my classroom. I hung them over plain doors, put them up as garlands across my whiteboard, hung them in my windows, I even put them high up as a garland on my wall!


Curtains are a great way to add your own personality to a classroom. Ugly blinds or cabinets can be covered up with cute and simple curtains, which adds a huge boost to your room.


Many teachers prefer the soft lighting of lamps to the sometimes harsh built in classroom overhead lighting. These boho lamps add warmth and coziness, while also being a cute classroom addition.


a rainbow pillow is an example of classroom decoration ideas

Pillows are another way to add coziness as well as your own personal style to your classroom. Target has lots of fun pillow choices, like this cute rainbow decorative pillow.

The Classroom Whiteboard

The classroom whiteboard is usually the central point of learning. Making it functional but also aesthetically pleasing can make a huge difference in the overall feeling in your classroom. These classroom decoration ideas are where form meets function.

Acrylic Shelves

These acrylic shelves are so fun for displaying read alouds on your whiteboard. These command strips make them unbelievably easy to attach them to your whiteboard.

Hanging Rod

This magnetic rod is a fun choice for displaying anchor charts, the day of the week, or anything else on your whiteboard. Use these hooks to hang your display. If the magnet isn’t strong enough to hold up what you need, go for these command strips to save the day!

Magnetic Eraser

this magnetic eraser is an example of functional classroom decorations

This magnetic eraser is both functional and fun. Plus, it is so handy to have it stay right on the whiteboard, so you never have to go looking for it!


rainbow magnets are a great classroom decorations ideas

There are so many cute magnets to choose from! For example, these tiny rainbow magnets from Target are too cute to pass up. They have lots more to choose from on their website.


borders are an important classroom decoration

You can’t talk classroom decor without talking about borders! Hands down, my favorite borders are from Lakeshore. They have an amazing selection, especially if you decide to do double or triple border combos.

Themes and Bundles

We can’t talk classroom decor without thinking about all those adorable decor bundles you can get on TPT. But how can you choose? 

First, you have to decide on our personal style. Are you more of a boho neutral teacher? Or maybe you prefer a hippy retro vibe? Maybe black and white farmhouse is your style?

Pastel Rainbow

this rainbow decor bundle is one idea for classroom decor

Personally, I’m a pastel rainbow type of girl – you can tell by looking at any picture of my room! So of course I had to create the pastel rainbow decor bundle of my dreams. If you’re a pastel rainbow lover like me, look no further for the ultimate decor option!

Boho Neutral

a boho neutral classroom decor bundle

Miss Jacobs Little Learners has a super cute Boho Neutral Decor Bundle, with lots of choices and editable pieces.


a retro classroom decoration bundle

This decor bundle from Rachel Burnett is the ultimate retro bundle. I love her fun style!

Modern Farmhouse

modern farmhouse classroom decor inspo

This Modern Farmhouse decor bundle from Confetti and Creativity has a fresh and fun feel to it.

Ideas for Classroom Decorations

Of course, there are always more classroom decoration ideas you can find, but this list will help you make sure you check off the basics. And hopefully get you inspired to create the classroom of your dreams!

What's your personal classroom style? Let me know in the comments!

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