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21 Classroom Amazon Must-Haves That Teachers Will Love

I’ve been wanting to put together a list for classroom amazon must-haves for so long – Amazon truly is a teacher’s best friend. There are literally so many great finds, so I will probably have to update this as time goes on. But these are at least your basic classroom must-haves from Amazon. So if you’re a new teacher or setting up a new room – these are the things I would definitely not skip.

Read on for classroom must-haves from Amazon!

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Amazon Classroom Must-Haves

There are so classroom must haves that teachers need to set up a new classroom. And lucky for us, we can find most of them affordably and conveniently on Amazon. Another great thing about Amazon is that you can create an Amazon classroom wish list to share with people who want to support your classroom!

I’ve put items into different categories to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. You can scroll through to see items for Classroom Setup, Classroom Whiteboard, Classroom Materials, and then Just For Fun stuff.

Classroom Setup Must-Haves

Here are all the Amazon classroom must-haves that will help you get your classroom set up and ready!

Matte Finish Spray

This matte finish spray is definitely a teacher must-have. Any time you laminate, your things come out all shiny – which means light hitting it can make a glare that’s hard for your students to see. Hit your laminated goods with a little bit of this spray, and you’ll be good to go! It instantly mattifies the sheet and makes it glare-free. 

Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Hot glue guns are definitely one of the most useful classroom must haves from Amazon. But what sets this one apart is that it’s cordless!! After you charge it up, you can unplug it and use it around the classroom – such a useful feature.

Command Strips

Okay, these are definitely one of the top 5 Amazon classroom must-haves. I use these all over the place in my classroom – they are so strong! These are what hold up my acrylic whiteboard shelves, hold up heavy décor on the wall, and even hold up 

Chalk Paint Spray

I was surprised how much I used this throughout the school year! It’s just like spray paint, but it’s only chalk, which means you can use it all over school property without getting in trouble – water washes it right off. 

I’ve used this for a lot of things – marking spots on the grass field for students to sit or stand, even drawing giant math pictures on the sidewalk, or drawing boundaries for a game on the black top.

Command Clips

These clips do some heavy lifting in my classroom. I use them to store current anchor charts, to hold our microfiber cloths, even to hold up my fancy tassels on my teacher desk.

Desk Organizer

The perfect combination of cute and functional, this desk organizer fits everything that I need. I love the different compartments and the fact that it swivels.

Line Up Dots

I think these line up dots are an Amazon classroom must have that every teacher should try. These are vinyl stickers that stick to your floor to mark where students stand in line. When we line up to go to recess or line up to wash hands at the sink, these dots ensure that my students are spaced out – which eliminates most of the “line drama” that can easily happen when students go to line up.

Velcro Rug Spots

I was so impressed with these – they didn’t budge the whole year, even though our janitors vacuum nightly. They clearly mark students rug spots so that they always know where their personal space is. 

Cloth For Bulletin Boards

Two advantages of using cloth instead of paper as your bulletin board background: #1 you have way more color choices, and #2 it’s a whole lot sturdier. This cloth easily lasted 2 whole years for my bulletin borders.

Whiteboard Must-Haves

These items have transformed my whiteboard from blah to totally functional and fabulous. These are awesome solutions for making your whiteboard work best for you.

Whiteboard Display Shelves

I love these acrylic shelves from Amazon. They’re only 12 inches long, so they don’t take up too much board space, but you can still fit 2 books on each one. They add so much to my whiteboard display, and I love having a place to put the read alouds we are currently working on. And what holds them up? Command strips of course!

Magnetic Clips

These magnetic clips are definitely a classroom must-have. I use these all the time – they’re so handy and unbelievably strong. For example, I use them to hold up anchor charts, a work sample, or anything else I want hung up on the whiteboard.

Magnetic Shelf

This is another fun choice for displaying books on a whiteboard. It’s mega strong, so it’s a good choice for displaying heavier items on your magnetic whiteboard.

Classroom Materials Must-Haves

These are my ride or die classroom must-haves from Amazon. They do so much heavy lifting in my classroom, so I can say they are definitely worth the purchase.


I get so much use out of this laminator! I am constantly creating new bulletin boards or new center works. And I have learned the hard way – if you don’t laminate it, it will be destroyed. Laminating lets me reuse materials year after year. 

I went with this basic little laminator, and it gets the job done. It’s lasted years, and it’s super easy to use. Don’t forget to stock up on plenty of laminating sheets! 3m is the size you want for most things – 5m if you need something super strong and sturdy.

Drying Rack

This isn’t just for art projects – I actually use this as a catch-all for all unfinished work. It’s wonderful for when you’re mid-craft and have to clean up quickly – students have a designated slot to pile up their work to resume later.

Worried about papers falling through the cracks? Cut pieces of foam board or cardboard to slide into the rack and give each student a sturdy surface to place things on.

Wireless Headset Microphone

These became all the rage during pandemic teaching when we were all in masks and couldn’t be heard. But I became so attached to mine, I don’t think I’ll give it up!

I love being able to raise my voice without having to raise my voice, if you know what I mean. And the wireless feature of this duo makes it so I can move around the classroom without having to wear the bulky speaker.

Classroom Mailboxes

These are a great way to organize anything you want to be sent home with your students. I have students pick up their homework and put it in a folder that lives in their mailbox slot each day. Then any papers or crafts that need to be sent home get put in the mailbox and students can take them home along with their homework folder.

The mailbox slots are handy for larger items, like crafts and projects, that wouldn’t fit in a folder or file.

Bathroom Cones

This is my favorite way to be able to tell which students are in the bathroom at any given time. When a student asks to use the bathroom, they put one of our cones at their desk. Then I can easily glance around to see who’s gone if another student asks to use the bathroom.

Microfiber Cloths

I’m all about having students help keep their classroom clean. These microfiber cloths are great for students to wipe up messes, clean tables, and wipe off surfaces. I keep a huge backup stash of them in the room so that I only run out and have to wash them every two months or so.

Just For Fun

Okay, so maybe these don’t qualify as must have classroom items. But they are still definitely some of my favorites, so I couldn’t leave them off!

Karaoke Microphone

When I need an engagement boost in my classroom, I whip out this karaoke microphone. I’ll announce that any student who raises their hand to participate will get to tell us their answer using the microphone. And like magic, every hand goes up to answer each question!


Well, I just couldn’t resist sharing a couple of my Amazon classroom décor faves as well. These tassels are adorable – I used them to spruce up my teacher desk area.

Silver Stars

These hanging stars definitely qualify as one of my personal classroom Amazon must-haves because I use them literally everywhere in my classroom. Hanging over my whiteboard, dangling over doors, glued to clothespins, hanging in windows… they really do pull my room together in such a fun way.

R E A D letters

these letters are amazon classroom must haves for decor

I love my READ display in my classroom library. These wooden letters are so versatile, you can decorate them any way you want to. I pasted on pastel tissue paper circles to create a cute bubble look on the front.

Classroom Must-Haves From Amazon

Like I said before, the list could go on and on. I will come back and update this periodically, as I am bound to discover more wonderful items from Amazon to help make your classroom run even more smoothly.

Which Amazon must-have are you the most excited to get? Let me know in the comments!

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