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What Is Palentines Day And Why Your Students Will Love It

We’ve all heard of Valentine’s Day, but hey – what is Palentines Day? If you’re wondering… you’re in the right place. Not only is Palentine’s Day an actual thing, but it’s something that is totally perfect for celebrating February in your classroom. I’m going to break it all down for you – what Palentine’s Day means, how to celebrate it, and the best Palentine’s Day activities to make February a super fun month for your students.

Read on to find out what is Palentine’s Day and how to celebrate in your classroom this year!

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What Is Palentines Day?

Let’s start with the big question – what is Palentines anyway?

Well officially, Palentine’s Day is celebrated on February 13 as a celebration of friendship (think “Galentine’s Day” only more broad).

But for us teachers, Palentines can be celebrated literally any time in February as a celebration of kindness and friendship. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to take the “lovey-dovey” nature out of your Valentines classroom celebrations (highly recommended if you have any students who are the “crush” train…).

So Palentine’s Day becomes a day, or week, or couple of weeks, where your class can be engaged in activities promoting kindness, friendship, and cheering each other on. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate those things??

Palentines How To

Okay, Valentines’ Day at school is coming up, and you’re ready to give Palentines a try in your classroom. But what would that look like? How would it go?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your Palentine’s celebrations a breeze:

Step 1: Plan your Palentine’s Schedule

The first step is deciding when you want to celebrate. And there are lots of choices, so you can pick what works best for you. There are three options I would recommend:

  • February 13 or February 14: You can keep it super simple and just celebrate Palentines on one day. (I think you can go ahead and celebrate it on February 14th, but if you want to be exact then the 13th is fine too.)
  • Valentine’s Week: One easy way to do this is to have a week of Palentine’s celebrations, and do one or two activities per day. Then you can culminate it with a little party on the 13th or 14th This builds excitement, and helps spread that Palentines joy for a little longer.
  • 10 Days Leading Up to Valentine’s Day: Do one Palentines activity each day, for 10 days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Save your biggest activity for the last day!

If you want some sample Palentine’s Day schedules, go ahead and scroll to the bottom of this post.

Step 2: Pick Your Palentine’s Activities

When it comes to Palentines Day activities, there are lots of options. Pretty much any of your typical Valentine’s Day crafts can be given a “friendship” twist to turn them into kindness spreaders.

You can easily slip 30 minutes into your day for one activity per day leading up to Valentine’s Day. Or, you can choose 4-5 to do as a big Palentine’s Day party.

Here are a 10 examples of my favorite Palentine’s Day activities to give you inspiration.

How To Be A Pal-entine

palentines day

This cute activity is perfect to kick off your Palentines celebrations. Students learn what it means to be a PAL-entine by brainstorming things they can say to make their classmates smile.

Valentine’s Door Display

Creating a cute Valentines-themed door display is a fun way to celebrate with your class.

Palentines Mailboxes

Creating mailboxes where students can leave each other kind notes is a great activity for Palentines. (Just make sure you have a way of checking notes before they get delivered!)

My Palentines

valentines day activity

Crafts are always a good choice for this time of year! Students get to make their own 3D boxes (3D creations are always a hit with my students!) containing all the names of their classmates.

We Love ____

Spread kindness by having students write down what they love about other classmates. Then slip the notes into an envelope for the students to take home and read!

Valentine’s Math Games

Slip your Palentines celebrations into your school day by incorporating Valentines-themed games as part of your academic activities.

Spread Love Bunting

Create some cute classroom decor with the help of your students! This cute bunting encourages students to think about how they can spread love. And it’s a super cute decoration to add to your classroom.

Valentine’s-Themed Games

Slip a fun Valentines-themed game into your day as part of your Palentines celebrations. These are perfect for brain breaks or indoor recess.

Bee Mine Crown

Another cute craft that students will love – a Valentines-themed crown!

Valentine’s Day Snack

If you’re allowed to bring snacks for your students, a Valentines-themed dessert would be a super fun way to celebrate during a class Palentines party.

Palentine’s Day Sample Schedules

Here is how I would put together those activities to create some different Palentines celebration schedules. Feel free to swap out different activities when putting together your own schedule:

One-Day Celebration:

Week-Long Celebration:

10 Days of Palentines:

Palentines Day

I hope you have everything you need now to try out Palentines Day in your classroom this year! It’s guaranteed to spread some kindness and joy.

palentines classroom
What Palentines activity are you going to try out? Let me know in the comments!

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