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10 Growth Mindset For Kids Activities Your Students Will Love

growth mindset for kids activities

What are some growth mindset for kids activities? How do I teach growth mindset to first graders? What growth mindset activities should I be doing in the classroom? 

Growth mindset has taken the world by storm, and it definitely has a place in the classroom. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite growth mindset kids activities that you can use with your students. By creating a growth mindset classroom and weaving growth mindset activities for kids into our school day, we are helping build a foundation of self esteem and success for our students.

Read on for some fun and meaningful growth mindset for kids activities ideas!

growth mindset for kids

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Growth Mindset For Students

What is growth mindset anyway? If you’re not familiar with growth mindset, here is a brief overview. It explores the idea that some of us have a “fixed mindset”, which means we believe our abilities are a certain way and that there’s not much we can do about it. And others have a “growth mindset”, which means they believe that they have the capacity to learn and grow and get better at just about anything.

Carol Dweck has led the way with research about growth mindset. But she says there’s a lot more to it than just putting in effort to show improvement.  While perseverance is certainly a trademark of growth mindset work, it’s also about embracing and even enjoying challenges, rather than shying away from them.

But you’re probably wondering, “How does this relate to my students?” Researchers are highly interested in the impact growth mindset can have on students in the classroom. Don’t we want our students to be excited to challenge themselves, enthusiastic about learning new things, and perseverant through difficult stages of growth? Heck yes, we do! And growth mindset can help all of those things.

(Want more info about growth mindset? Check out this podcast episode with Carol Dweck.)

Growth Mindset Classroom

As teachers, we want to think about how we can incorporate growth mindset classroom activities throughout the school year. Back to school season is a perfect time to start, but you can do these activities really any time of year and they will still be very effective.

And luckily, there are a number of very fun ways to weave in these growth mindset for kids activities! Crafts, full-class activities, read alouds, and anchor charts are some of my favorites. You can get a full list of my favorite growth mindset read alouds here.

Here are some engaging and fun activities for growth mindset you can try in your classroom this year! 

Growth Mindset For Kids Activities

1. Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset Anchor Chart

growth mindset posters

Teaching your students the vocabulary to help them understand a “fixed mindset” versus a “growth mindset” is the perfect place to start. I love that this anchor chart has examples of both kinds of language, so that students get a clear idea of these different ways of thinking.

A fun way to make this a full-class activity is to read the statements out loud and have the students decide which side they should go on.

A great read aloud to pair with this activity is Your Fantastic Elastic Brain.

2. YET Crown

this crown is a great growth mindset student activities

This cute crown comes with an adorable poem printed on it to help remind students that just because they aren’t there yet, doesn’t mean they won’t get there! 

Crowns are always a hit in my classroom! Students will love decorating these fun crowns as they set goals for things they can’t do yet.

3. Growth Mindset Bulletin Board

Creating a growth mindset bulletin board can be a great activity to do with your whole class. You can give them “fixed mindset” statement and let them brainstorm how to flip them into “growth mindset” statements! 

Plus, the bulletin board then serves as a long-term visual reminder for students about the importance of using their growth mindset.

4. Setting Goals Craft

growth mindset classroom craft example

Setting goals is great growth mindset practice for our students. It helps them feel in charge of their learning, and it makes difficulties feel more expected. This craft is great because it reminds your students that not all goals come easy. Sometimes we make goals that will take more time and effort, and that’s okay!

5. YET Anchor Chart

growth mindset anchor chart

The word “yet” can be so powerful for your students! It’s a great way to flip moments of frustration into positive light. You can make the word “yet” a common phrase in your classroom. Whenever someone is struggling with something, remind them “You just can’t do it yet.” 

This anchor chart helps students brainstorm things that they want to achieve, and adding the word “yet” makes these goals feel far more attainable!

A great read aloud to pair with this activity is The Magical Yet.

6. Flip that Mindset Craft

craft example of growth mindset activities for kids

Help your students practice turning negative thoughts to positive ones with this fun craft. Students paste the “fixed mindset” statements to the gray side of the brain, and then find the flipped statement to paste on the “growth mindset” side of the brain!

7. Positive Messages Fortune Teller

fortune teller growth mindset classroom activity

The messages we tell ourselves matter a lot. In fact, a lot of growth mindset activities and books for students are centered around messaging. Are we telling ourselves things from a “fixed mindset” perspective? Or a “growth mindset” perspective?

This fortune teller is full of encouraging growth mindset messages for students to use when they feel stuck. They can do it with a friend, or just use it themselves whenever they need some words of encouragement.

8. Growth Mindset Conversation Dice

This is a fun way to get your students talking and thinking about growth mindset in the classroom. These dice have different questions and conversation starters about growth mindset topics. Put students in pairs or groups and let them chat about these different ideas!

9. Easy or Hard Craft

craft about growth mindset for students

Sometimes your students forget how much learning they’ve already conquered! Do they remember how long it took them to learn to walk? Or to master their ABCs? And now those things are second nature to them! 

This growth mindset craft helps us look back at things that are now easy, and look forward to things that currently feel hard. But with practice and perseverance, those hard things will one day be easy!

10. Growth Mindset Coloring Pages

These growth mindset coloring sheets are so fun! While I wouldn’t use these just on their own, I do think they would be a great addition to some of these other activities. These would be handy to sprinkle in throughout the year to keep growth mindset phrases fresh and familiar.

Growth Mindset Classroom Activities

Hopefully, this has given you some great ideas for getting started with growth mindset in your classroom! These growth mindset for kids activities are so important for helping your students have a positive mindset and believe in their ability to learn. 

And do you know what one of the biggest factors is in your students’ success with growth mindset? 

Their teacher’s growth mindset! If we believe they can grow and learn, they are way more likely to!

If you’re looking for more support, check out my Growth Mindset Activity bundle.

growth mindset for kids
Which of these activities are you going to try first? Tell me in the comments!

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