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5 Comprehension Reading Strategies For Elementary Students You Can Do At Home

comprehension reading strategies

Do you want to teach comprehension reading strategies…. but you’re not quite sure where to start? The process of teaching a child to read is complex and has so many pieces! Reading comprehension is a very important piece of the puzzle, but it can be tempting to put it off until decoding is mastered. However, there are lots of comprehension reading strategies elementary students can start learning at a young age. I’m excited to share five easy ways to incorporate reading comprehension with young and beginning readers.

Why Is Comprehension Important In Reading?

So why start learning comprehension reading strategies early? Why can’t we wait until they have more mastery over decoding and phonics skills? 

Well, the real purpose of reading isn’t to accurately sound out words. It’s to understand what the author is sharing. We read to learn. In schools, we talk about a big shift that happens around third grade – when students start “reading to learn” instead of “learning to read”. This is when comprehension skills start to get complex. 

When the time comes, we want children to make this shift as easily as possible. And the best way to do that is to incorporate comprehension skills into their reading routine from the beginning.

Reading Habits For Comprehension

Encouraging reading comprehension with young children doesn’t have to be complicated. There are lots of simple reading comprehension skills elementary students can handle at a very young age. Here are five reading comprehension strategies that you can try with any book, even if a child is still struggling to sound out words:

For the full blog post and all 5 strategies, head over to Homeschooling4Him, where you can find the full guest blog post!

reading comprehension strategies

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